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Education for all?

“I am a Cambodian kid lives in Kratie province. I live with blindness from original birth. No blind school is found in my province, i wish to learnt to write letters or any skills”  Said by Thourn Channa, 13 years old. If you are prefer to raise commends and support to Channa,  please contact us by email or leave the commends on our website.


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Story of a school

Mr Phl Sok Khuoch is a 26 year old school teacher and leader of Grade 6 students at Norn Primary School. He said“My school does not provide clean water for drinking and washing hands. Students who drink water from the source caused them to get diarrhea. I told them to bring water from home. Sometimes if they forgot to bring water, they ask from their friends and from the villagers around the school for drinking water.


If they want to wash their hands and foot, they need to go to the pond in front of the school. I am worried that they might get drowned in the pond. During dry season, parents opted not to send their children to school because of the hot weather. Most of the time, the children have got sick due to hot weather. This is what the parents told me whenever I visited them.I believe that this problem caused the sudden increase in dropout rate of the students. I sent request letters for provision of clean water source to provincial departments and to some local NGOs but none of them can provide.

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Indigenous Children of Kratie

The indigenous children in rural areas of Kratie lack of technical support, materials and environment.


Kan Tout is one of the communes of ChetraBorei District, Kratie Province, serviced by one health center and is about 22 kilometers away from the center of Kratie Town. Through a combination of personal interviews, gathering of secondary data and conduct of small scale survey, the following problems were identified. In terms of health, respiratory disease is the most common illness among children while among adults, eye problems are the most common cause of health center consultations. On a general note, approximately 60% of child health center consultation is due to pneumonia. Nutritional state of children is a major health problem in most provinces like Kratie. Based on a demographic survey done every 5 years, 28% of children below 5 years of age are underweight for their age and 40% of children of the same age range have low height for their age.

In a small scale study done among 688 school children from Kan Tout school cluster, 26.3%  were found to be underweight (see Figure 1). Body Mass Index (BMI) was computed and Person’s correlation ratio showed a positive correlation between BMI and under nutrition with an r equal to 0.152 with a p value of 0.000.   A common cause of illness among children would be use of unprotected water sources and unhygienic excreta disposal. This was also validated by the data collected from this study, where a positive correlation was found between frequent diarrheas and under nutrition (Person’s correlation ratio = 0.132, p = 0.001).  The frequency of washing the body and having skin infection was also found to be correlated with a Person’s correlation ratio of 0.097 with a p value of 0.011. Figure 2 below shows that among the school children, 44.3% were observed to have skin infections.

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Vision: All students are be able to attend classrooms with receive good quality of education, equity, satisfied in learning and continue to high schools.

Mission: Manage and lead the system of school processing to become child friendly school thought working cooperatively between school with SSC (school supported community) and local authorities.

Goal: To contribute to the Royal Government of Cambodia’s implementation of the policy on Education For All.

Main key of our plan:

  • Produce relevant documents to support method of teaching alignment with  child friendly school program
  • Coaching teaching skill to our staff
  • Conduct regularly monitoring and evaluation
  • Work cooperatively with involved partners  and local/i NGOs

Make donation

  1. Your donation will be brought to support vulnerable children in rural areas of Kratie
  2. Improve school environment
  3. Recycle play ground
  4. Library
  5. School Clean Water, latrines ,pump well
  6. Sport field
  7. Garden
  8. School Fence
  9. Children clubs’ materials
  10. First aid support kits


Contact us

Address Banteay village Koleap commune Kratie province, Cambodia, Email: koleapsecondary@gmail.com  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koleap-SS/1582596708627102?ref=hl